Michigan man who amputated dog's leg says he did it because he couldn't afford surgery

'I had a clean steak knife,' Charles Wofford said

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – A black Lab was found in Hamtramck and the Michigan Humane Society said his leg was gone when they found him. 

Original report: Who amputated this dog's leg? Michigan Humane Society wants charges

Now, as they press for animal cruelty charges, the dog’s owner explained why he did it. 

(Warning: Pictures below are graphic)

The owner, Charles Wofford said his dog, Blacky, is full of joy and energy.

“He had got into a fight, and he got gangrening inside his leg,” Wofford said.

Wofford said he couldn’t afford to pay for surgery, so he took matters into his own hands by cutting off the part of the leg that was affected.

“I was able to do it, I had a clean steak knife. I actually cut it on the bone. He wasn’t in any pain at all,” he said.

Wofford said that given the circumstances, he thought it was the right thing to do.

The dog was found in Hamtramck. (M1 Studios)
The owner said he used a steak knife to amputate the leg. (M1 Studios)

The Humane Society picked up the dog Wednesday in the area of Holbrook Avenue and Conant Street. 

“This is unquestionably torture. This is a horrific suffering inflicted on this dog,” said Matt Pepper with the Humane Society.

Officials with MHS believed garden shears and a kitchen knife were used in the procedure. Initially, it was unknown who cut off the animal's leg.

"The Michigan humane society has come out here. At first I was trying to hide the fact that I did this, but I did come clean with them," Wofford said.