Detroit homeowner baffled after smiling criminal steals trash can from driveway

Surveillance video shows man stealing trash can from Sulaiman Aleen's driveway

DETROIT – A Detroit homeowner is wondering why someone would steal a trash can from his driveway.

Sulaiman Aleen said a man walked up his driveway about two weeks ago and walked off. The incident was caught on camera.

Aleen said the man in the video walked up to this driveway and, seconds later, left with his trash can.

“To have somebody steal something from you, that’s one thing," Aleen said. "But then the time it takes to contact the police, canvass the neighborhood -- when you could be doing other things -- that’s what hurts the most."

At first, Aleen said he thought one of his neighbors borrowed the trash can. But the video showed otherwise.

The video also showed a moment in which the man appears to smile while walking by.

“I guess you can call him one of America’s dumbest criminals, because he literally looked straight up at the camera -- and there’s a camera right there -- and smiled, actually like he hit the lotto or something,” Aleen said.

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