Popular Detroit radio host loses everything in Westland apartment fire

Randi Myles says her 2 dogs were killed in fire at Westwood Village Apartments

WESTLAND, Mich. – The flames that tore through the Westwood Village Apartments in Westland destroyed everything in their path, including the home of popular Detroit radio host Randi Myles.

Myles spoke to Local 4 about coming to grips with having to ask for help after the fire.

Myles said she watched in horror as her apartment and everything inside it from the past seven years went up in flames Wednesday evening. The building at the Westwood Village Apartments was destroyed.

On Thursday night, Myles was counting her blessings that her 24-year-old son was able to get out of the building. But she's crushed because her cherished dogs, Leno and Bailey, nicknamed Ying and Yang, didn't survive.

For many Metro Detroit residents, Myles is a familiar, comforting voice on Detroit radio. She brings contemporary gospel, Christian music and inspiration on praise to channel 102.7 each midday.

On Thursday, she woke up and realized that she has to be open to something that she's never had to consider: allowing others to help her.

"My hands are open," Myles said. "It's been very difficult. It is just very hard for me. I promised my son that I would do it."

Radio One has started a GoFundMe page for Myles and the shop Margaux & Max in Ferndale is accepting gift cards for her. She's starting over and knows 50 others from the apartment building are doing the same.

"I want them to know that all of us are going to get through this," Myles said.

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