2 people move orange barrels, signs from I-94 ramp in Detroit to drive through construction zone

Video shows 2 people moving barrels out of way to get on entrance ramp

DETROIT – Orange barrels were placed along I-94 this weekend to block entrance ramps while the highway was closed for construction. But that wasn't enough to keep people off the ramp.

It's construction season in Metro Detroit, and drivers such as Isaac Alexander have to dodge the orange cones around Gratiot Avenue and I-94.

"The way it's set up, it's just hard to get through here," Alexander said. "It's congested. Traffic gets backed up. You've got to go way around."

He's figured out how to get through all the detours, and despite the inconvenience, Alexander said he would never do what others were caught on video doing.

A passenger recorded the driver of a vehicle and a friend pushing the road closed signs and cones out of the way to the entrance ramp of I-94. It happened after the Michigan Department of Transportation shut down the interstate to install beams.

"The number of ways this is beyond stupid are endless," MDOT's Diane Cross said.

MDOT officials insist the people who moved the cones put an entire work zone in danger.

"A vest and a hardhat is not going to protect you from thousands of pounds of vehicle coming toward you and you don't expect it," Cross said. "They're obviously so foolish to drive into a zone like that."

According to MDOT, a Michigan construction worker died in 2017 in a work zone. Last week, a highway worker in a work zone was killed on I-75 in Detroit.

MDOT officials are worried the number of deaths will increase if these types of acts catch on.

"We're sorry drivers are inconvenienced when we do these things, but we can't count on the fact people are going to pay attention to barrels," Cross said.

Nobody was injured when the road barricade was toppled over. A construction worker spoke with Local 4 off camera and said that's his worst fear while working.

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