Video shows Detroit high school administrator slamming 14-year-old student on ground

School resource officer allegedly broke teen's jaw

DETROIT – A camera captured the moment an assistant principal at a Detroit high school slammed a 14-year-old boy on the ground last October before a resource officer allegedly broke the boy's jaw.

Elijah Wynn said he tried to go back inside West Side Academy High School on McKinley Street 40 minutes after dismissal to get his wallet. He was met by a school administrator at the door.

"He was, like, 'You can't come in. You can't come in,' and I'm trying to tell him I need to get my wallet," Wynn said.

Wynn said he was persistent. The assistant principal pushed him through two sets of doors and slammed him to the ground.

"He tripped me and his knee just instantly went to my chest," Wynn said.

After the principal went back inside the building, a school resource officer walked outside. He allegedly punched Wynn in the face, breaking his jaw. The teen could only drink from a straw for six weeks.

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"His jaw has never been hurt before. What force did this man use to hurt him like that?" said Wynn's mother, Ronnita Bryant.

The camera outside the building didn't catch the punch, but a camera inside the building did. Wynn's attorney, however, said those seconds were deleted.

"Seventeen, 18, 19 -- then it jumps to 31, and the 10 most relevant seconds of the video is missing," attorney Jonathan Marko said. 

A lawsuit has been filed against the Detroit Public Schools Community District. The district released the following statement regarding the alleged incident:

"The district has not been served with a lawsuit regarding this issue ‎so we are unaware of the specifics regarding the claim. We will investigate the matter at that time and determine our position and response. The video in question relates to a student who was not authorized to enter the school and was repeatedly asked to leave by several school officials."

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