Westland police explain use of Taser on man holding 2-month-old baby

Both sides speak after video sparks controversy

WESTLAND, Mich. – Cellphone video of Westland police using a Taser on a man holding a baby is going viral as both sides respond to the outcry.

The video shows Westland police trying to arrest Raymurez Brown, but somehow during the arrest, he was forced to the ground and Tased with his child in his arms.

Brown was released from jail Monday, but he’s facing multiple charges.

Local 4 spoke exclusively to Brown and his attorney Greg Rohl.

“I’m just absolutely grateful to be out of jail right now and sitting next to this man in his office,” Brown said.

Rohl said there are a lot of questions in the case that he wants answered. He said police acted out of control.

“This guy has a baby in his hands that isn't even a year old," Rohl said. "How dangerous can he be with a baby in his hands?"

Westland police Chief Jeff Jedrusik held a news conference Monday to respond to the video and the actions of his officers.

“It’s important to remember that due to this man’s noncompliance, our officers were faced with a difficult tactical decision on how to take this man into custody and ensure the safety of the baby,” Jedrusik said.

Westland police officials said they are going to do an investigation to make sure policies were followed.