Elevated copper, lead levels found in 57 of 86 Detroit public schools tested

Latest round of testing finds 33 of 52 schools have elevated copper, lead levels

DETROIT – The Detroit Public Schools Community District's latest round of testing has revealed that 33 more schools have elevated levels of copper, lead or both, officials said. There were 52 schools included in this round of testing.

Out of 86 DPSCD schools that have been tested, a total of 57 were found to have elevated levels or copper, lead or both, according to school officials.

The testing evaluated all water sources from sinks to drinking fountains. When the first round of tests showed 16 of 24 schools had elevated copper or lead levels, school officials turned off all drinking water and provided bottled water and water coolers.

Results from the second round of tests were released Wednesday.

DPSCD is still awaiting test results from 17 schools and the original 10 Di-Hydro schools.

Officials said the schools will continue to use water coolers districtwide.

District officials are recommending the use of hydration stations to the school board. They would be installed in all schools by the beginning of next school year and replace the need for water coolers, officials said.

A hydration station would be placed in a school for every 100 students, as well as one in the kitchen, faculty lounge and gym.

Here are the schools that have been tested and have an elevated level of copper, lead or both:

  • Academy of the Americas Elementary-Middle School
  • Adult Education- East
  • Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School
  • Bagley Elementary School
  • Bates Academy
  • Bennett Elementary-Middle School
  • Bethune Elementary-Middle School
  • Bow Elementary-Middle School
  • Brewer
  • Burton International
  • Carleton Elementary School
  • Carstens Elementary-Middle School
  • Carver STEM
  • Cass Technical High School
  • Chrysler Elementary School
  • Clark Elementary-Middle School
  • Clippert Elementary Middle School
  • Cody High School
  • Coleman Young Elementary School
  • Davis Aerospace HS at Golightly
  • Denby
  • Detroit International Academy for Young Women
  • Detroit Lions Academy
  • Dixon Academy
  • Douglass Academy for Young Men
  • Emerson Elementary/Middle School
  • Fleming
  • Foreign Language Immersion
  • Gardner Elementary
  • Golightly Educational Center
  • Greenfield Union Elementary/Middle School
  • Henderson, Erma Academy
  • Hutchinson @ Howe
  • Keidan
  • Law
  • Mann Elementary School
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Marquette Elementary/Middle School
  • Mason Elementary/Middle School
  • Mumford High School
  • Nichols Academy
  • Noble Elementary-Middle School
  • Nolan
  • Osborn
  • Pasteur Elementary School
  • Pulaski
  • Randolph Career Academy - Construction Trades
  • Renaissance High School
  • Roberto Clemente Elementary
  • Sampson-Webber Academy
  • Southeastern High School
  • Spain Elementary-Middle School
  • Speech & Hearing - (Day School for Deaf)
  • Twain, Mark Academy
  • West Side Academy
  • Western International High School
  • Wright, Charles Lower Academy

Here are the schools that have been tested and cleared:

  • Academy of the Americas High School
  • Adult Education- West
  • Blackwell Institute, Catherine C
  • Brenda Scott
  • Burns Elementary School
  • Central High School/Durfee ES/MS
  • Communication & Media Arts High School
  • Cooke Elementary School, STEM Academy
  • Detroit School of Arts (DSA)
  • Dossin Elementary/Middle School
  • Drew Trainable Center
  • Duke Ellington @ Beckham
  • Earhart Elementary-Middle School
  • East English Village/Diann Banks Williams
  • Gompers, Samuel L. Elementary/Middle School
  • Harms Elementary School
  • Henry Ford High School/Turning Point
  • King, Martin Luther Jr. Senior High School
  • Ludington Magnet Middle School
  • Mackenzie Elementary/Middle School
  • Maybury Elementary School
  • Munger Elementary/Middle School
  • Neinas Elementary School
  • Priest
  • Robeson, Paul / Malcolm X Academy (at Hally)
  • Ronald Brown Academy
  • Schulze Elementary/Middle School
  • White

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