Mural tribute to Aretha Franklin, Detroit music vandalized in Eastern Market

Artist had been painting for nearly 2 weeks

DETROIT – Richard Wilson is an artist from the United Kingdom who was brought to Detroit to create a mural in the Eastern Market.

His mural was about Detroit music. He didn't finish it on time, so he's been staying in Detroit on his own funds to complete it. He finished the mural Friday after 12 days of painting, or so he thought.

"I just came here this morning to tidy up the paint and see if there's anything I want to adjust," Wilson said.

Instead, some of his paint was stolen and a large mess was left behind. Someone had spread black paint over his mural.

"I was really shocked, because it's an homage to Detroit and especially to Aretha," Wilson said.

Wilson doesn't know why someone would vandalize the mural, but he has a theory.

"I think someone just stole the paint and got a bit crazy," Wilson said. "Because I can't imagine anyone wanting to deface Aretha."

Wilson is staying in Detroit a little longer and is hoping day 13 will be the final day of painting.

You can see more of Wilson's work at his official website or on his Instagram account.