Off-duty Detroit police officer fires stun gun into Meijer employee

Officer was testing his equipment, police say

DETROIT – An investigation is underway after a Detroit police officer fired his Taser Oct. 3, striking a Meijer employee in her head.

Officers routinely work security in their off-duty hours at the Meijer on Eight Mile Road near Woodward Avenue, but as of Thursday, Detroit police officers are no longer providing security at the store.

At 10:52 a.m., an off duty police officer was at the store, working security, when he took out his Taser and tested it.

Police said it's standard procedure for officers to conduct the test to make sure the Taser is functioning properly, but it is not supposed to be deployed.

Police told Local 4 the Taser did fire, striking a Meijer employee in her head.

A taser can deliver a disabling shock of 50,000 volts and customers are appalled.

"You should be trained better for sure," said Cerena Cunningham. "Better precautions should be taken."

Some store employees say they still can't believe it happened. Emergency medical services were called to the store, but the employee refused medical treatment. 

In October 2017, an officer working security, in the same Meijer, attacked a customer -- knocking his teeth out with his baton. 

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The officer was arrested and the victim filed a $25 million dollar lawsuit against the Detroit Police Department and Meijer.

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Now, Meijer is no longer using off duty-officers to patrol this location.

"We need them here to protect us women who come out by ourselves," said Cynthia Jennings-Boman.

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