Violent assault caught on camera at Fowlerville High School

FOWLERVILLE, Mich. – A violent fight broke out between two students at Fowlerville High School on Thursday afternoon.

Students recorded the brutal assault and shared it to social media. Parents are outraged by what they saw in the videos.

"In one video, you hear the kid make the threat," one parent said. "The next, a punch is thrown and kid hits the ground. I feel horrible for the kid."

Parents claim bullying has been an ongoing issue at the school. 

"I know the kid that threw the first punch. He's a docile young man," said the parent. "To see a child throw a punch like that? The video is disturbing and makes me sick."

Fowlerville Community Schools released a statement:

Fowlerville staff and administration reacted quickly, bravely intervening, separating the students and ensuring safety. Administration conducted a thorough investigation and applied all appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Some parents disagree. 

"What was very disturbing to me was the adult that was there was yelling before the first punch," the parent said. "That could have been avoided altogether."

The student who threw the punch was suspended for 10 days, pending a meeting with the school board. 

"You did the crime, do the time," the parent said. "If it was my child and he threw the first punch, I would stand by the school as far as the suspension."