Ypsilanti Township homeowner installs floodlight to make street safer

Family works to make street safer

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A homeowner in Ypislanti Township who was sick of speeding drivers took matters into her own hands to make the street safer.

Residents wanted the city to install speed bumps on the street because there has been a string of crashes. When that didn't happen, Linda Bell said she had to do something about the situation.

Bell and her son installed floodlights to make up for a lack of streetlights along their block of Greenlawn Street near I-94.

Bell said Greenlawn Street just off busy Ecorse Road doesn't have any streetlights, which makes it so dark that it's unsafe for drivers and residents.

Bell's son came up with the idea to put floodlights on the house and point them at the street. They work as homemade streetlights.

The family wants to brighten up the street and make the area safer. It is petitioning the township for streetlights and speed bumps.

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