Homeowners frustrated with illegal dumping on Detroit's east side

Neighbors call the area 'scary alley'

DETROIT – Neighbors call a stretch of East State Fair Avenue "scary alley" because of people illegally dumping their unwanted items.

April Hill lives in the area and is tired of waking up to whatever people deicide to leave behind in her neighborhood.

"I'm sick of people of Detroit not taking care of our city," she said.

She decided to move her family into the East Side community off Hoover Street; she has been there since 2006.

Since then, the five blocks from Hoover Street to Beland Street have continued to pile up with unwanted trash. That trash had led to unwanted animals lurking in the area.

"We've nicknamed it 'scary alley' because anything goes back here, there's all matter of evil taking place back here," she said.

Hill constantly complains to the city about the abandoned open warehouses and dumping. She admits the city comes out and removes the big items.

But people "come back and dump again, literally the next day," she said.

The street lights were recently repaired.

"The city came and did the new lighting and the lights disappeared. It was pitch black back here," she said.

Cameras are mounted and signs tell illegal dumpers they're being recorded, but it's doing little to curb the problem.

Hill hopes those committing the crime realize families live here.

"Because we are so close to 8 Mile Road, we're thinking individuals are coming in from the 'burbs using this area as their dumping ground," she said.

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