Parents of teen killed in Detroit crash face woman accused of causing daughter's death

Alyssa Verbeke accused of being on drugs, fleeing Warren police at time of crash

DETROIT – A 28-year-old woman accused of driving under the influence of drugs and fleeing Warren police officers in August was sentenced Friday in connection with a crash that killed a 19-year-old girl.

The parents of Daziah Crawford were in court Friday to tell Alyssa Verbeke how much it hurt to lose their daughter. It was the first time Nathaniel and Natavia Crawford faced Verbeke.

"The loss of my daughter has affected my life in many ways, and my emotions change like the second hand on a watch," Natavia Crawford said.

"Daziah was focused, talented, vibrant and was already making a positive mark," Nathaniel Crawford said.

Daziah Crawford was driving in the area of Fairport and Lappin streets with her brother while Verbeke was fleeing police, officials said. Verbeke is accused of crashing into Daziah Crawford's car, killing her.

"Returning home at the end of my day will never be the same as I cross this intersection almost every day," Natavia Crawford said.

The Crawfords said they feel sadness and anger about the way their daughter was taken from them.

"My truest desire is that Ms. Verbeke would receive the death penalty, but this is not a death state, because that is what she gave us when she took Daziah's life," Nathaniel Crawford said.

Verbeke listened to the Crawfords before speaking directly to them.

"I know my apology or sentence that I receive won't bring her back, but I still would like the family to know how truly apologetic and remorseful I am," Verbeke said.

Verbeke was sentenced for 15-30 years in prison.

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