Rod The Builder competes against expert to finish family room for holiday party

Rod Meloni competes at IKEA store in Canton

Rod The Builder (WDIV)
Rod The Builder (WDIV)

CANTON, Mich. – Rod The Builder returned on Black Friday to take on another challenge.

This year, Local 4's Rod Meloni competed against an expert to finish a family room and prepare it for a holiday party. The competition took place at IKEA in Canton.

Rod took on Amanda Preston in a competition that included building furniture, hanging curtain rods and curtains, adding all the accents and decorations and preparing for a party.

IKEA develops profiles for all of its rooms and builds them for specific people. Rod and Amanda built their rooms specifically for a young family of four: a couple with two young girls.

The challenge began at 4 p.m., and the finished products were revealed at 6 p.m.

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You can watch some highlights from the competition below:

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