Roseville woman arrested in assault on Troy police officers

Police: Woman swallowed earrings that didn't belong to her

TROY, Mich. – A 33-year-old Roseville woman was arrested Saturday on suspicion of drunkenly assaulting Troy police officers, according to officials.

Police said the situation began Saturday night after police received a call from a man who said his girlfriend wouldn't leave his home and when police arrived things escalated.

"She had been drinking," said Troy police Lt. Josh Jones. "Quite a bit."

Sylvia Hope Verellen, 33, was intoxicated and uncooperative. Police said she refused to leave the boyfriend's home in Troy and also refused to remove meaningful jewelry that didn't belong to her.

"The young woman put on some diamond earrings and a diamond ring that belonged to the caller's mother, who has passed away," Jones said. "She refused to take them off and refused to leave and that's where the argument started."

Police said the attempted several times to remove her from the home and she allegedly punched an officer in the face.

"She became physical with the officers," Jones said. "Spit them, bit them, kicked them all different times."

Police said she punched an officer and as they were bringing her outside she kicked the officers all the way to the police car. Once police got her into the vehicle she allegedly tried to bite and spit on them as they put her seat belt on.

When police got Verellen to the police station they realized the earrings were missing.

"She swallowed the earrings," said Jones. "We took her to the hospital she basically threw up."

Verellen was charged with hindering and obstructing a police officer, aggravated assault and battery of a police officer, and assault and battery of a police officer.

"It was discovered she swallowed the earrings," Jones said. "I mean it was like -- now what?"

Police said Verellen also tried to grab an officer's gun at one point and she was taken to the ground outside the house.

She was arraigned Monday and bonded out. Verellen was taken to the Macomb County jail where she faced an outstanding warrant on an unrelated charge.

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