10-year-old boy charged with bringing loaded gun to Detroit school

DETROIT – A 10-year-old boy was charged Thursday after he brought a loaded gun to  Charles L. Spain Elementary-Middle School on Wednesday in Detroit.  

 Police said the fourth-grade student brought the gun to school in a bookbag. Another student saw the weapon and told school officials.

Original Story: 10-year-old boy charged after loaded gun brought to Detroit middle school

The boy's mother didn't speak outside of court, but their attorney, Stephanie White, did. 

"Any 10-year-old that's taking a gun into a school is going to be surprising," White said.

The boy was charged with having and carrying a concealed weapon in a gun-free school zone.

"It's a very serious case," White said. "Because we don't want guns in school."

Some parents with children at the school are demanding more answers.

"We have been failed as parents to not been talked to," said Takeysha Daniels. "No one came down from downtown to say, 'Hey, this is what happened.'"

The school district sent out an automated phone call to parents Wednesday night.

"To get a robocall at 9:30 at night to say a kid was in school with a gun?" Daniels said. "That was really really disrespectful and a slap in the face to the parents."

 The boy has since been expelled from the school and will now be homeschooled.

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