Oak Park man fighting with auto shop after worker drives truck into pit during oil change

Man says Pennzoil manager refuses to pay for repairs

OAK PARK, Mich. – An Oak Park man is fighting for a Pennzoil auto shop to fix his pickup truck after a worker drove it into the repair pit of the garage.

Dovid Margolis caught the incident on camera after he brought his truck to the shop on 11 Mile Road and Coolidge Highway for an oil change.

"They pulled me in and didn't park me in a responsible manner," Margolis said. "They stated they'll pull it out for me."

When an employee started backing the truck out of the garage, Margolis started recording.

"When I saw the way it was going, I said, 'Let's start recording,'" he said.

As the worker moved the truck, his foot was in danger of being crushed by the truck so Margolis started screaming for them to stop and ended the video so he could get the business' address and call 911. He said he knew his truck was probably damaged when it was driven into the pit, but he was more concerned about the worker.

Margolis claims the manager hitched a chain to the truck to pull it out of the pit. Margolis then spent the day getting repair estimates.

He said the manager is refusing to pay for the damages, which cost more than $1,000.

When Local 4 stopped by the shop to speak with the manager, a worker said he wasn't there. The worker also pointed out that what happened is common.

"That's something that happens at every oil place," the employee said.

The manager did not return to the shop and hasn't returned calls regarding the incident.

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