Marathon confirms foul gas odor is from its Detroit refinery

No dangerous levels of any substances detected

DETROIT – Local 4 has received several calls from concerned residents in Metro Detroit regarding a foul gas odor impacting communities. 

UPDATE: Detroit Marathon refinery determines source of foul odor

Jamal T. Kheiry, Communications Manager of Marathon Petroleum Corporation confirmed to Local 4 that its Detroit refinery is responsible for the odor. 

"Marathon Petroleum is responding to a release at its Detroit refinery that is causing an odor in nearby communities. Air-monitoring resources are deployed in affected areas and have not detected dangerous levels of any substances. We have informed relevant agencies, including the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Detroit Fire Department, Michigan State Police, and the Dearborn Fire Department. We will keep these agencies and emergency responders informed as we respond to the release," said Kheiry. 

The odor was reported by residents who primarily live in Dearborn, Detroit, downriver communities and Macomb County. 

The city of Dearborn received so many calls about the smell, it sent fire crews out for air testing. The Dearborn Fire Department said the air is not toxic. Local 4 was told it is not a gas leak and no one is in danger. 

The southend of Dearborn borders southwest Detroit and is in close proximity of the Marathon plant and other industrial sources. 

"The smell is terrible out here. I have to be honest. It is causing your nose to run as well," said Local 4's Larry Spruill. 

Nearby residents said the smell was so bad, it woke them up. 

Spruill reported from outside the Marathon plant Sunday morning and could barely speak because of the smell. 

"It is just a strong smell covering the entire area," Spruill said. 

Check back with Local 4 as this story continues to develop.