Trenton police rescue man who fell through ice on Detroit River while trying to get dog

John Grantham, dog both safe

TRENTON, Mich. – Trenton police rescued a man Sunday when he fell through ice on the Detroit River in Elizabeth Park.

John Grantham went after his dog, Lobo, who had run onto the frozen river. Both Grantham and the animal are safe, thanks to rope from a throw bag the police department recently acquired.

The department discussed getting the throw bags after first repsonders used a kayak to save a woman who had driven into the water in December.

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"After that, we went through some discussions on, 'Is there equipment out there that would be safe for officers to use to not put them in jeopardy?'" said Stephen Voss, director of police and fire in Trenton. "Thank God we decided right after the original incident to go out and do something to help keep our officers safe."

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