Detroit races to acquire land for new Fiat Chrysler assembly plant

DETROIT – When Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced Fiat Chrysler's new assembly plant there was one big part of the plan still relatively up in the air.

"We are going to have to acquire 200 acres of land in the next 60 days through the voluntary cooperation of the existing property owners," Duggan said.

Those 60 days are now down to 59 days to secure the land and the city doesn't know who owns the land yet.

There are hundreds of new Jeep Grand Cherokees they're shipping across the country from the Jefferson North Assembly plant across the street from the Mack Avenue engine plant. The plan is to morph both into a big assembly plant.

Residents hope the idea of new jobs will attract new neighbors.

Watch the video above for Rod Meloni's full report.


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