Attorney blasts murder charge in Danielle Stislicki case: 'This is a publicity stunt'

Floyd Galloway Jr. charged with first-degree premeditated murder

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – A courtroom got heated Wednesday as a former security guard was charged with murdering Danielle Stislicki, a Farmington Hills woman who went missing more than two years ago.

The courtroom was packed with family members and friends of Stislicki, all hoping for justice. At the same time, Galloway's attorney had plenty to say about the motive he says is behind his client being charged.

Galloway is accused of deliberately killing Stislicki on Dec. 2, 2016. He sat back in his chair, showing little emotion during the proceedings.

"I wish there was a close-up of Mr. Galloway," Stislicki's father, Rich Stislicki, said. "I was hoping to look Floyd Galloway in the eyes and see him as the person I believe he truly is."

Meanwhile, Galloway's attorney, Jim Williams, said his client is innocent.

"My opinion is it's a publicity stunt," Williams said. "It's something she has chosen to do to take a file that hasn't charged from a reputable prosecutor in Oakland County with a couple hundred of attorneys. If they had a case, they would have charged it."

"I believe in the attorney general and the experts we have," Stislicki's mother, Ann Stislicki, said. "As far as politics, I don't do politics."

The day ended with family members outfitted in "Find Dani" ribbons and pins hugging each other, hoping this will be the first step toward justice.

"It breaks our heart it took so long, but slow and stead," Stislicki's aunt, Chrstine Dawes, said. "We still have cars tagged, have tattoos, charm bracelets. She is with us every day. We are not going to stop until we have justice for her."

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