'Dumb' thieves caught on crystal clear video stealing from Livonia camera store

Trio of thieves steals charges from PROCAM in Livonia

LIVONIA, Mich. – A trio of thieves was caught on crystal clear surveillance video stealing a charger from a Livonia store that sells high-definition cameras, police said.

"I think they were kind of dumb, really, truly," store manager Emma Sakowski said.

PROCAM in Livonia is a mecca for video fanatics. It's filled with every light, gadget and camera designed for sale and protection.

"We have two systems running outside, inside, night and day," Sakowski said. "I mean, we're a camera store, so why wouldn't we have the best?"

The store was targeted Monday by thieves who tried to seem harmless, according to Sakowski.

"They asked about some chargers," Sakowski said. "I had one of my employees go over there and show them some chargers."

Three men accused of stealing from PROCAM in Livonia. (WDIV)
Three men accused of stealing from PROCAM in Livonia. (WDIV)

But the trio had other plans, running to a getaway car with a stolen charger, police said.

"We turned our back for one second to look at something else that they had asked about and they kind of, like, took off," Sakowski said. "Why a charger, and why a camera store? We have cameras literally all over this place, so it doesn't make any sense why they would do it."

She said if the thieves are bold enough to target a camera store with so much surveillance, they could target any business.

"If they're willing to steal one thing, who are they going to steal from next?" Sakowski asked. "What are they going to steal from next?"

Police said thanks to the clear video showing the thieves, there shouldn't be a next time.

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