Mother shares grief after son dies; Detroit EMS crew fired after allegedly not providing CPR

DETROIT – A Detroit paramedic and emergency medical technician were fired after accusations that they didn't perform CPR on a 30-year-old man who died of a heart attack, authorities said.

Angela Hodges, his mother, said it's hard to talk about what happened as her son, Patrick Clemons, as he collapsed to the floor on Jan. 4. Clemons couldn't catch his breath and was having chest pains.

Hodges said she was relieved when the Detroit EMS crew arrived but is still in shock because the crew, she said, would not help her son get up. Clemons struggled to get to his feet and Hodges had him sit on her husband's walker.

"They did nothing to help my son," Hodges said. "I miss him. I miss him."

She said Clemons scooted himself towards the gurney waiting outside. She said no help was given.

The EMS crew was fired by the city after an internal investigation revealed that the crew failed to give Clemons quality CPR en route to the hospital where Clemons died. The crew denies that claim.

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