Children accidentally drink orange juice with Visine after Dearborn woman tries to poison boyfriend

Arrieana Yednock faces charges

DEARBORN, Mich. – Police said a mother put something in her boyfriend’s juice to make him sick after they got into an argument, but she wasn’t planning on him giving the drink to her kids. 

Police said Arrieana Yednock is in trouble for poisoning her boyfriend and kids at their home on Hickory in Dearborn. 

Chief Ronald Haddad said Yednock was mad at her boyfriend and she put, what "appears to be Visine,” into his orange juice to make him sick. 

The news is a little too much for Amanda Kerr. She lives across the street. 

“I wave hi to them when I see them out. They have kids, I have kids,” Kerr said. 

Police said the boyfriend sipped some of the orange juice with the Visine in it. He also gave that same drink to their children, not knowing the Visine was in it.

Police said the kids started complaining of upset stomachs and Yednock admitted to spiking the drink. 

Local 4 stopped by the house, but no one answered. 

Yednock did ask Local 4 to remove the article. She also said it's a very stressful time for her. She declined an on-camera interview. 

She is charged with poisoning food. She was released on a $5,000 personal bond. 

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