Sterling Heights issues warning about items in trash after garbage man sprayed with chemicals

Man sprayed in face with acid, bug killer when trash bag was compacted

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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Sterling Heights residents are being warned about items they should not throw away after a garbage man was sprayed Wednesday with chemicals.

A bag of trash that the worker threw in the truck shot acid and bug killer in his face when it compacted, causing burns to the man.

"This is a job with many hazards, and we ask the public to do everything they can to minimize those hazards," said Joseph Munem, the GFL spokesperson.

Munem said there are some dangerous items that residents should avoid throwing in the trash.

"Things that are corrosive, like acid, battery acids, things that can ignite like alcohol or paint thinners, things that could potentially explode," he said.

See a list of items that should not be thrown away below:

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