Detroit firefighters say people overdosing on drugs being dumped in front of fire stations

Fire officials say people being dropped off almost every night

DETROIT – Detroit firefighters said people overdosing on drugs are being dropped off almost every night in front of fire stations.

Officials said someone was overdosing on drugs Sunday morning, and his friends dumped his body in the parking lot of the fire station at Seven Mile and John R roads.

Authorities said they dumped the man's body and drove away, leaving firefighters to deal with the situation.

"This was the scene this morning when I arrived at work," one firefighter posted on Facebook. "Every few days someone drops off an overdose victim in front of our fire house. Unfortunately, this time, this person didn't make it."

These incidents are placing Detroit firefighters on the front lines of fighting the opioid epidemic, according to officials. They're having to rush to try to save victims, and many firefighters said it's emotionally draining.

Firefighters and medical officials have Narcan to try to save overdose victims, but they said it's difficult to begin the work day with this type of incident.

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