Dearborn police cracking down on illegal street racing as warm weather returns

Police say parents play role in racing problem

DEARBORN, Mich. – The street racing crackdown in Dearborn has begun.

"It's about saving people's lives," Police Chief Ronald Haddad said.

Police are upping the patrols, especially in areas where they see a lot of racing, including Telegraph Road, West Warren Avenue and Ford Road.

Getting caught street racing results in a $500 fine and it will cost the driver $1,000 to get their car out of impound.

Haddad said parents are contributing to the dangerous street racing problem by getting muscle cars for their teens.

"They go out and they lease these cars for them and it's really a bad combination," Haddad said.

Mo Hatcham agrees. He used to street race until he crashed his Dodge Challenger.

"We're not NASCAR drivers to know how to handle all that speed," he said "It's too much speed."

Police made 100 arrests related to street racing last year. They expect more this year.

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