Detroit resident fights off pit bull attacking mail carrier with garbage can, club, hammer, belt

O'Nell Colley speaks about saving Todd Bridges from dog attack

DETROIT – A Detroit resident who saved a mail carrier from a pit bull attack by using a garbage can, a club, a hammer and a belt is speaking about the attack.

Two months ago, Todd Bridges was attacked by a dog that wouldn't let go. It took two people to help fight the pit bull off, and now Bridges is talking about the attack publicly.

Last year, 5,700 mail carriers were attacked, experts said.

"It is our goal to educate the community," Bridges said.

The United States Postal Service for years has tried getting residents to understand the seriousness of dog attacks.

"I felt like I was fighting for my life, my kids, my granddaughter," Bridges said. "It was not about to kill me."

Bridges was working his route on Ardmore Street Near Eight Mile Road on Detroit's west side when a pit bull started attacking him, officials said.

Bridges said he did everything he could to fight off the pit bull, even using his dog spray.

"I used my whole entire can of dog spray," Bridges said. "It didn't even faze him."

That's when O'Nell Colley ran in to help, fighting off the dog with a garbage can, a club and a hammer. Eventually, a hammer and a belt were enough to end the attack, officials said.

On Monday at the Oak Park Post Office, Colley received an award. He said helping Bridges was common-sense.

"If you're in that position, you'd want someone to help," Colley said. "Help me. Love one another. Help another."

It took Bridges weeks to feel comfortable at work. He had numerous injuries after the attack, but he's recovered.

Detroit ranks 11th for most dog attacks in the country.

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