2 people taken into custody after hiding underneath, between cars near Ypsilanti school on lockdown

Chopper captures video of 2 people apprehended by police

Two males were taken into custody on May 6, 2019, near the Perry Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti. (WDIV)

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Sky 4 captured aerial video of two people hiding between and underneath cars before being taken into custody near an Ypsilanti school that was locked down due to a nearby shooting.

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Video showed one young male sitting between parked cars in a lot next to the Perry Early Learning Center. The school was placed on lockdown Monday due to an incident in a nearby neighborhood, police said.

He laid down between the two cars before sitting up and pulling a phone out of his pocket. He stayed there for a few moments before getting up and walking through the parking lot.

Sky 4 captured video of a male sitting between vehicles on May 6, 2019, near the Perry Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti. (WDIV)

As he passed a minivan, a second young male who had been lying underneath the minivan emerged and walked behind him.

While they were passing through the parking lot, a police cruiser sped through the grass from the same direction the first male had come.

The officer stopped the cruiser at the edge of the parking lot and got out with a weapon drawn.

The second male laid on the blacktop with his arms outstretched. The first male continued to walk away before looking back and being directed to lay next to the other male.

An officer detains two males on May 6, 2019, in a parking lot near the Perry Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti. (WDIV)

Another police vehicle showed up, and four officers placed the two males in handcuffs. They were taken to separate police vehicles.

Authorities have not confirmed these males were taken into custody in connection with the incident that caused the lockdown.

You can watch the full aerial video below.

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