Woman carjacked, kidnapped, choked, robbed in Taylor

Woman in vehicle while man hits up 2 ATMs

A woman was carjacked, kidnapped and choked.
A woman was carjacked, kidnapped and choked.

TAYLOR, Mich. – A photo on social media has gone viral, showing a woman's bruised neck from where her attacker choked her with her own phone charger.

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The photo was posted Thursday by the woman's daughter.

According to authorities, a woman called the Taylor Police Department just after 8:30 a.m. and reported a carjacking.

Police said the woman told them she works at the Bed Bath & Beyond in the area, and arrived for her 8 a.m. shift at about 7:45 a.m. The woman said that while parked outside, she saw a man walking in the parking lot, so she waited inside her pickup truck until he had left the area. When she got out of her 2016 Ram 1500, he reportedly came up to her, pointed a handgun at her, forced her into the passenger seat and entered the driver's seat.

The woman told police the man said his sister was being held by two men and he needed to come up with $500. 

Police said the man drove the woman's truck with her in the passenger seat to an ATM in the nearby Meijer parking lot, he withdrew money from her account and then drove across the street to the ATM at the Huntington Bank where he did the same. The woman said she handed over her debit card and told him her PIN at gunpoint.

Police said the man approached the ATMs with no mask or anything to conceal his identity.

ORIGINAL STORY: Man carjacks and kidnaps woman in Taylor, steals from her account at 2 ATMs

That woman's daughter posted a photo to social media and has gone viral, showing the woman's neck bruised from where her attacker choked her with her own phone charger.

The man reportedly drove south on Huron Street until the road's dead end, where he put it in park. The woman told police the man told her he was going to run and told her to get out of the truck. She told police when she got out of the vehicle, she felt something wrapped around her neck tightly and saw that it was her phone charger before she passed out. 

She reportedly woke up and saw her truck driving northbound on Huron Street. She called 911 from Quanta Containers LLC at 15801 Huron St. 

According to authorities, police arrived and stated the red bruising on her neck and ears were consistent with being choked with a cord. She is expected to be OK.

The man was taken into custody Wednesday evening. Police said they found him in the victim's truck with a prostitute.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Taylor Police Department at 734-374-1420

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