Missing woman last seen with person of interest in Detroit serial killer investigation

The family of a missing woman believes she was last seen with a person of interest recently named in a serial killer case.

DETROIT – A family is searching for answers believing their missing loved one could be another victim of a potential serial killer in Detroit.

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Police scoured Detroit on Saturday, searching vacant homes for potential victims. On Friday, Deangelo Martin, a person of interest in the case, was arrested. 

It's a connection no family ever wants to make -- a missing loved one was last seen with a person of interest in a serial killer investigation.

In August, Deborah Reynolds was reported missing. 

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The family later learned Reynolds had a run-in with police in Ferndale in September. Police dashcam footage shows Reynolds being detained outside a 7-Eleven in Ferndale. Martin was also detained at the location. 

Ferndale police dropped the pair off at a gas station in Detroit. It was the last time Reynolds was seen.

The family wants to know why police left Reynolds alone with a stranger. 

"The whole family has been terrified," said Andre Reynolds. 

After contacting Crime Stoppers and canvassing neighborhoods, the Detroit Police Department now has the evidence from Ferndale.

"We want some answers," said Mattie Reynolds. "We need to know where she is."


  • Nancy Harrison - Body discovered on March 19 on Coventry Street -- she is considered the first victim.
  • Travesene Ellis - Body discovered on May 24 on Linnhurst Street -- she is considered the second victim.
  • Tamara M. Jones, who was found in a vacant house on Mack Avenue on Wednesday, June 5.
  • Anyone with information needs to contact police at 313-596-2260.


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