Video shows thief stealing boat from Waterford Township dealership in broad daylight

Boat found at home

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – “We all couldn’t believe how calm the guy was. He drove in. He took his sweet time, and I just couldn’t believe he was that comfortable, wide out in the open,” TJ Harris said.

Harris didn’t have a choice to believe it. His boat was stolen from a Waterford Township dealership. He recently bought the boat but had to take it back to get some work done.

“Four hours later, my boat was stolen,” Harris said.

The store called Harris and showed him the video. He then posted the video on Facebook.

“He drives in. He drives past 40 boats. You can see him driving really slow almost like he’s shopping, like he’s picking which one he wants. He actually parks next to my truck and he’s there for 25 minutes, looking for my boat. He kind of opens the doors, look at the upholstery, looks at the trailer before backing it up, loading it up and driving away like it’s his,” Harris said.

Harris said within three hours of making the post, he got tip after tip. One of them came from an off-duty Michigan State Police trooper.

“He offered to basically call Waterford Police Department on my behalf and gave them what he knew. Waterford police, after making contact with the homeowner, had me to come down to confirm it was my boat, and the suspect wasn’t home. His wife, I think his wife, she seemed very surprised by the whole thing,” Harris said.

Police are still seeking the man accused of stealing the boat.

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