Woman hit by foul ball at Detroit Tigers game says security guard distracted her

Woman says security guard is to blame

DETROIT – The fine print on Detroit Tigers tickets explains the ballpark and the baseball organizations are not responsible for any injuries suffered during a game.

But a Chesterfield Township woman who was hit by a foul ball at Comerica Park in 2015 is still fighting a legal battle with the Tigers and feeling the effects of that freak accident. Carey Mason said it was not the fencing or ball players at fault. Instead, she says it was a security guard who distracted her.

  • Carey Mason has a lawsuit case evaluation court hearing on Tuesday.
  • A third party could step in and suggest a settlement.

Mason was having fun at the ballpark Aug. 21, 2015 until a foul ball sliced into the stands and struck her in the right temple. A few innings before the incident, Mason was given a helmet by designated hitter Victor Martinez, but throughout the rest of the game, she said she was harassed and berated by security officials trying to get the helmet back.

When Mason was struck by the ball, she said she was distracted by a security guard who had been screaming at her.

"They yelled at us unmercifully," she said.

She said she was watching him leave and never had a moment to react to the ball. Her attorney said the Tigers are responsible for taking away her opportunity to watch the game by allowing security to distract her during gameplay.

Video of the incident shows no security guards near Mason when the ball hit her, but she said that's because the security guard at fault had just walked away. She said she was watching him leave instead of watching the game.

During an interview this past February, Mason said her brain was still causing her trouble. She said instead of healing over time, she was getting worse. Mason said she has unexplained pain, trouble functioning and misses who she is. She said most of all, she's devastated for the people who love her.

Ron Colangelo, the vice President of communiations for the Detroit Tigers, released the following statement:

“The Detroit Tigers strive to provide a fan-friendly, safe and enjoyable experience for patrons attending games at Comerica Park. The organization has a standing policy of refraining from comment on matters in litigation.” 

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