Could a 'failure resume' help you learn from your mistakes?

When people write resumes, they usually focus on showcasing their successes and achievements, but research indicates there could be some benefit to putting thought into your failures.

At some point, everybody comes up short in something, but what does failing really mean? A New York Times article suggests writing a failure resume and according to Mental Floss, that kind of resume can help show you what you've learned from mistakes.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Donna Rockwell said failure is a journey toward success because you have an opportunity to learn from your failures.

A study by Stanford University showed that parents who gain the mindset that children can learn from their mistakes have children who believe intelligence is malleable instead of fixed.

Rockwell suggests sitting with a child when they get a bad grade or poor test score to look at how he or she could have done better. She said it's important a child feels supported and not judged.

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