Third closed Hines Drive bridge opens

Bridges along Hines Drive closed for almost a year after routine inspection

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The closed bridge along Hines Drive located west of Haggerty Road and East of Riverside Drive opened Friday. Support beams have been properly installed for the bridge.

The bridges along Hines Drive have been closed for almost a year after routine inspection. Barricades will stay on to keep the last closed Hines Drive Bridge (between Northville Road and N. Mill Street) closed to traffic. The closed bridge will be ready to re-open by the 1st half of July 2019. 

Motorists who frequently travel the bridge are advised to plan for extra travel time and be aware of the detours. Information signs are posted to alert motorists of bridge closure information.

The following information and posted detours have been provided for the last remaining closed bridge:

  • If traveling West on Hines Drive, make right at Northville Road reaching E. Hine Drive, make a left and go to your intended destination on Hines Drive.
  • If traveling southbound on Northville Road, at E. Hines Drive, Continue south on Northville road reaching E. Hines Drive intersection, make a left or right based on the intended destination
  • Wayne County has 231 bridges within its 43 communities. For updates and questions, the public can contact the Wayne County Roads Division at 888.ROAD CREW.