Local 4's Bernie Smilovitz helps those in need by cleaning out his closet

Bernie Smilovitz has spent years at the anchor desk, and he never seems to wear the same shirt twice.

It's no surprise that those who are on television every night would accumulate a lot of clothing.

Smilovitz recently found a way to clean out his closet and help others at the same time, an idea that turned into something much bigger.

"I was sitting with my wife one day and she says, 'What are you going to do with all of these shirts?'" Smilovitz recounted. "And she goes, 'Why don't we donate them to somewhere?'"

That's where Bethany Shorb, from Cyberoptix Tie Lab in Detroit, comes in.

"Bernie has so generously donated hundreds of very gently worn shirts from his collection, and what we're doing today is pairing them up with some of our donatable ties," Shorb said. 

The shirts and ties get paired up together to be donated, helping people who might need to go to job interviews, work and more. 

The clothes then get loaded up and head to nonprofit Dress For Success's Michigan affiliate on McAuley Drive in Ypsilanti.

"The hardest part of this was finding Bethany," Smilovitz said. "My wife found her, and then the whole thing sort of came together. I came down and visited with her a couple weeks ago and bingo -- here we are."

Smilovitz is hoping this starts a trend, as there are many people who have closets full of shirts they haven't touched for years.

"I just think this whole thing is so rewarding," Smilovitz said. "We really want to help other people get into the workforce."

Dress for Sucess said it's grateful for the donations and it means a lot for the men in the community, as attire can make or break certain opportunities.

Dress For Success is always happy to accept donations. For more information, visit the official website here

Dress For Success is located at 5361 McAuley Drive, #1125, in Ypsilanti.

For more information on Cyberoptix Tie Lab, visit the official website here.

Cyperoptix Tie Lab is located at 1440 Gratiot Ave. in Detroit.