Police cracking down on people driving into White Lake Township construction zone

14 tickets issued in 2 weeks

WHITE LAKE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Despite the orange barrels and a sign saying the road is closed, people keep driving into a construction zone in White Lake Township.

Police are cracking down on motorists who go down a closed road at the intersection of Cooley Lake and Carroll Lake roads, where a new roundabout is being installed.

"When it says, 'Road closed,' it really means road closed, and it means you," said Sgt. Matt Ivory, with White Lake police.

Police have issued 14 tickets in two weeks to drivers who disregarded the signage and drove into the construction.

"There could be hidden dangers. There may be holes people don't see or construction workers present that believe they're safe because the road is closed and, out of nowhere, here comes cars," Ivory said.

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