Officer overhears Rockwood jail inmate's mother yelling at him on phone for stolen jewelry

Phillip Trivett Jr. charged with receiving and concealing stolen property

Phillip Trivett Jr. (WDIV)
Phillip Trivett Jr. (WDIV)

ROCKWOOD, Mich. – A Rockwood jail inmate is facing a new charge after an officer overheard the man's mother yelling at him over the jail phone for having stolen jewelry in his dresser, police said.

Phillip Trivett Jr., 33, was taken to jail for a driving violation, officials said.

He called his mother to help him post bond, but she screamed at him over the phone about stolen jewelry she found in his dresser, according to authorities.

She yelled so loud a detective lieutenant heard her in the booking room, police said.

The detective went to Trivett's house in the 33000 block of Swallow Drive in Rockwood and asked the mother to hand over the stolen jewelry, officials said. She gave him the jewelry. The detective discovered one of the watches had been stolen from a neighbor's car, according to officials.

Trivett was charged with one count of receiving and concealing stolen property.

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