Woodhaven officials hope cameras help drivers avoid trains that block roads

Trains stop for hours at a time

WOODHAVEN, Mich. – Cameras are now up at Woodhaven railroad crossings where drivers often get stuck for long periods of time.

Trains sometimes block the three crossings for hours at a time. Now, drivers can check the cameras to see if a crossing is blocked.

Cameras have been installed at the West Road and Allen Road crossings. A camera is coming soon to the Van Horn Road crossing.

Check the cameras here.

"This doesn't cure the train problem. We're still going to have it, but it does give us a lot of early warning," said Woodhaven Fire Department Chief Michael Clark.

Woodhaven city officials have been trying to tackle the problem for decades. They've spoken with representatives at the Canadian National Railway to find a solution, but it didn't work. There was also a ballot issue placed before voters for an overpass, but that plan failed too.

Canadian National Railway released a statement regarding the trains:

"CN understands the concerns of the residents and, even if operations require passing through public crossings and sometimes require unscheduled stoppages, CN will continue to work hard to minimize the impacts.

"CN is continuing to work with the state legislature to encourage the passage of SB364. This legislation would create a local grade separation program under the Michigan Department of Transportation. Such a program would provide an avenue for localities to partner with the state and private entities to eliminate grade crossings at the highest impact areas.

"In case of an emergency situation where a crossing is blocked, citizens may contact our police communications center at 1-800-465-9239. The number is also located at the crossing behind the cross bucks."