Woodward Dream Cruise roars down Woodward Avenue

The Dream Cruise is a tradition for so many with a lot of people saying they've been to every single one since it started 25 years ago.

DETROIT – “This is the Woodward Cruise,” said Peter Pellerito. 

Pellerito said it’s official. He owns a Chevy Cruze and if you add his custom made license plate with ‘Woodward’ on it, you have the official Woodward Cruise car, well according to Peter,

“I just bought the car and I had the plate for many years. I didn’t realize it when I bought the car. I said oh yeah, this is the Woodward Cruze. I put it together and it’s funny,” said Pellerito. 

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He's been here at the ‘Cruise’ for the last 25 years, “It’s about sharing the passion that we all have for the car. We all have stories,” said Pellerito. 

“My Baby!” said Ralph Brown. 

Ralph Brown’s story is on its 34th chapter, “I had it for about 30 years now. It’s 34 years now. So 1985, “said Brown. 

But he only lets it out on special occasions, “I only drive it on the weekends. It’s my toy car. This is just unbelievable, the things you can see,” said Brown. 

But the star of the weekend is Wes Ryan’s car, “I bought this car back in 1995. I put a lot of work into it,” said Wes Ryan. 

Wes Ryan said he sold his car some years ago, “I had it for about 6-7 years and then I found out my wife was sick,” said Ryan. 

But oh how life can bring things full circle, “When I saw the pictures on-line. I saw that scuff mark.  I saw that scratch, I saw that road cage. I was like that’s Christine. There she is,” said Jake Ryan. 

Jake Ryan said he had to buy the car and give it back to his dad. Their story went viral, even getting the attention of Ford Motors Company, “Next thing you know, we’re getting a letter from Mr. Ford himself and they wanted to help fix this car, I’m like by all means,” said Jake Ryan. 

“This car represents what my wife went through. She fought cancer and she beat it,” said Wes Ryan.