Police dig in Macomb Township for possible murder victims connected to convicted killer Arthur Ream

Officers search area north of Clinton River

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Every morning Macomb Township resident Theresa Maksymow sits outside and enjoys the view of a field near her home. 

But on Monday police tape could be spotted around the field.  

“I always look in the back of the field and noticed the yellow ribbon going all the way across,” said Maksymow. 

She didn’t know why the yellow tape was there, but then looked up and heard helicopters in the air. 

"I heard the helicopter, then I was told they’re starting to investigate,” said Maksymow. 

Police officers from multiple agencies were out searching for the remains of possible victims in the case against convicted killer Arthur Ream. 

Officers searched the area north of the Clinton River, just south of 23 Mile. “This is round three,” said Bill Rice. 

This is not the first time Rice has searched for possible victims of Ream, and recalled the first instance. “The first time, it was pretty extensive, as far as the state police and everybody,” said Rice. 

Police said all of this started years ago dating back to 2008. Ream was convicted of murdering Cindy Zarzycki.

Back then, he led police to her gravesite. Local 4 cameras were there during that search where a purse was found.   

Police searched the property again in 2018. They received clues that indicated more bodies could be  buried. They believe Ream was involved in those cases too.

Now, neighbors are hoping this search ends differently. “Hopefully, they will one day, put an end to this,” said Rice.

Maksymow like so many others hope families find closure. 

“I hope something will come out of it, because the families need closure. I know I would if my loved one was buried there,” said Maksymow. 

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