Would you pay someone to clean up after your dog does its business?

DETROIT – One big complaint from most dog owners is the cleanup.

Andrienne Ponce is a dog owner who doesn't want to waste a second on her dog's waste. So, when she saw a lawn care business starting to advertise dog poop removal it was a done deal.

"It's like one stop shopping. They do the cut, poop patrol and we're good," Ponce said.

Jason Rushak is with Mid Thumb Land Development and contracts with Plowz and Mowz an app that offers several home improvement services and apparently the new option of dog poop removal has gone over well with customers.

"People have been very interested in it, they've signed up and had consistent service. I'm hopeful this is a good market for them to get into," Rushak said.

Of course, not everyone is ready to pay for someone to clean up after their dog.

"Maybe if you work all day and you're busy I can see the convenience of it. But me? No," dog owner Judy Pauli said.

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