Popeyes chicken sandwich turns into viral sensation without ad campaign

How chicken sandwich turned into viral sensation

DETROIT – The new Popeyes chicken sandwich has turned into a viral sensation.

Anyone who has driven past a Popeyes around town in the past few days has probably seen long lines of people waiting to buy a chicken sandwich.

The new Popeyes chicken sandwich is so popular, there was an advertisement on Facebook Marketplace selling it for $32.

Long lines can be seen at locations across the country, with some people waiting hours for a taste.

It's all happening without an ad campaign. A regional manager for Popeyes said the lack of marketing was no accident.

Viral videos and social media posts about the sandwiches have served as a highly effective advertisement campaign.

Local 4's Jason Colthorp spoke with Metro Detroit residents about the new chicken sandwiches.

You can watch his full story in the video posted above.

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