Driver gives live updates to police while behind alleged drunken Troy woman who hit median 6 times

911 caller provides details while following Stacy Foote on freeway, police say

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TROY, Mich. – A 911 caller following an alleged drunken driver on I-75 in Troy explained what was happening to authorities for more than 10 minutes as the woman crashed into the median six times and eventually told officers she only had one drink, according to police.

The 911 call came in at 11:14 p.m. Aug. 16.

Police arrested Stacy Holly-Noel Foote, 37, of Flint, after the incident.

Stacy Holly-Noel Foote (WDIV)

911 caller follows driver

Caller: "I'm on 75 right now and this lady is driving this Buick. I'm headed north, and she's hit the construction wall about three times now, and she's swerving all over the road."

Dispatcher: "Northbound 75 where?"

Caller: "75 coming up to -- you've got to give me a minute. I've got to get directions. The exit right now is Rochester Road. Just passing Rochester Road now."

Dispatcher: "What color is the Buick?"

Caller: "It looks gold. She's gonna freaking, like, kill (indiscernible)."

Dispatcher: "Is it a truck or SUV?"

Caller: "SUV. It's a Buick. She's hit the construction wall two or three times already. I'll see if I can get you a plate. Hold on a second. Hold on. Now she's stopping in the middle of the road. I got a plate of -- oh she hit the wall again. I got a plate that looks like of (partial license plate number). I can't get too close because she keeps bouncing off the walls and s---. I'm in a black Pacifica."

Dispatcher: "OK, we've got a couple calls that we're trying to get up to there. Obviously, the construction's a little tricker, but I'm going to keep you on the phone. Keep me updated. Let me know when you cross Big Beaver."

Caller: "Hurry the hell up because she is (indiscernible). It's a Buick Century. Yeah, a  Buick Century. We're crossing over Big Beaver now and she is f------ everywhere, dude."

Dispatcher: "It's a Century, so it's a car?"

Caller: "Yeah, it's a car. Yeah, and it's, like, oh, there goes the wall again. She keeps rubbing the wall, and the front of the car's all fricked up. So, yeah she hit the wall again. So, yeah, she's still going."

Dispatcher: "Yeah, we're trying to get up there now."

Caller: "Yeah, somebody's got to hurry the hell up because now -- oh s---, now she's, like, really hit the wall. You guys have got to hurry up or she's going to -- yep, she's going to go over this wall."

Dispatcher: "We're trying, but the construction is only a few spots we can even get on the freeway. That's the problem we're having with this construction right now."

Caller: "OK. Well, she's now rubbing the wall, rolling down 75 right now. Coming across -- man, she's got this thing all f----- up, dude."

Dispatcher: "Yeah, they're trying to get on at Crooks. I'm not sure if that one's even open for them to get on yet. Just keep me posted as to where you're at."

Caller: "Alright."

Dispatcher: "You said you're driving a black van?"

Caller: "I'm -- a black Pacifica. A black Pacifica. There's a car in front of me with, like, yellow flashers on."

Dispatcher: "We've gotten a couple calls, and that guy's actually on the phone with my partner right now."

Caller: "Oh, OK."

Dispatcher: "We had him turn the hazards on so these are justified."

Caller: "Yeah, I've got my hazards on, too."

Dispatcher: "Alright."

Caller: "Yeah, dude, I don't even see her head. Oh, she's rubbing the wall again. Hold on, we might be stopping. Nope, we're still going."

Dispatcher: "Where are you at now?"

Caller: "If I look to my left, I'm in front of that cemetery, that big white chapel cemetery, it looks like. So, I mean, we're doing about 35, 40. Oh, and she lost a tire. Now she's speeding up. She just lost her front driver's tire."

Dispatcher: "Like, the entire tire, the entire wheel's gone?"

Caller: "Yeah, the whole tire just rolled off her car, and now she's rubbing the center wall. Now we're back up to 65, 68, and she hit the wall again. And hit the wall again. Now she's riding the wall."

Dispatcher: "OK, and you haven't crossed over the Crooks exit yet, right?"

Caller: "I haven't seen it yet, no."​​​​​

Dispatcher: "OK."

Caller: "Oh s---, she just hit the wall doing about 60. Now there's parts everywhere. There's her other tire. Yeah, now she's stopped."

Dispatcher: "Now she's stopped?"

Caller: "Yeah. She is stopped. She is out."

Dispatcher: "What do you mean, 'She's out'?"

Caller: "She's now even, like -- she's not even, like -- hold on. Are you still there?"

Dispatcher: "Yeah, I'm still here."

Caller: "Alright, hold on. (Yells to someone else) You got something to bust that window open with? (pause) (knocking) Shut the car off! Shut it off! (pause) You got something to bust that window open with? (pause) OK, hold on, I've got to reach in here and shut it off."

Dispatcher: "Alright."

Caller: "Alright, the car is off. She's, like, done."

Dispatcher: "OK, but is she breathing?"

Caller: "She's talking."

Dispatcher: "She's talking? OK."

Caller: "Yeah. (To someone else) What do you need?"

Woman's voice: "I had a bottle --"

Caller: How much did you have to drink?"

Woman's voice: "No."

Caller: "No? You didn't have anything to drink?"

Woman's voice: "No. (Indiscernible)"

Caller: "You what? You can't get out. No, you can't. You cannot get out."

Woman's voice: "Well, I did."

Caller: You can't. You're in the middle of the expressway."

Woman's voice: "So?"

Caller: "So how are you gonna get out?"

Woman's voice: "I'm getting out."

Caller: "No, you're gonna stay right there for a minute."

Woman's voice: "I'm not."

Caller: "Yeah. No, do not get out.

Woman's voice: "I'm getting out."

Caller: "Don't get out. Just chill."

Woman's voice: "I'm getting out."

Caller: "Do not get out."

Woman's voice: "I'm getting out."

Caller: No, you're not. Just stay right there a minute."

Woman's voice: (Indiscernible) I'm getting out, b----."

Caller: "Hello?"

Dispatcher: "Yeah, I'm still here."

Caller: "Alright."

Dispatcher: "I can hear what's going on."

Caller: "OK. (To someone else) Hold on a second. Alright. You got a guy on yet?"

Dispatcher: "We're trying to get there. We've got one coming from south, we've got someone going through trying to get down that way."

Woman's voice: (Indiscernible)

Caller: "Alright, hold tight a second. What? I didn't say anything. Hold off a second, though. What 'I think so?' Where are you coming from? Where are you coming from? Why are you flipping me off?"

Woman's voice: (Indiscernible)

Caller: "Alright, just hold up a second. Yeah, just hold up a second. You what? You're driving home? Where do you live? What? Where are you coming from? (To dispatcher) I gave you that number, right?"

Dispatcher: "Yeah, I've got it."

Woman's voice: (Indiscernible)

You can listen to the full 911 call below. WARNING: There is strong and explicit language.

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Flint woman arrested

Officers said they found Foote in the driver's seat of a disabled 2003 Buick Century after a tire dislodged near Crooks Road.

Foote told police she didn't realize she had been in a crash and didn't understand why she couldn't open the door, which was against the median, according to authorities.

She told police she had had one alcoholic drink to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday, officers said.

Police said there was an odor of alcohol and an open bottle of alcohol spilled on the floorboard of the Buick.

Foote needed help to stand and walk, officials said.

She became belligerent and refused to perform sobriety tests properly, according to authorities.

Officers said they took Foote to the Troy lockup facility, where she blew a .18 and .17, which are both more than double the legal limit in Michigan.

Foote also had a suspended license and was driving a vehicle without insurance, police said.

She has a previous drunken driving conviction from last year in Flint, court records show.

Foote was charged with operating while intoxicated, second offense, and driving with a suspended license, second offense.

She was arraigned Monday at 52-4 District Court and is being held in lieu of $3,000 bail.

Video of Foote in police car

Police also released video of Foote being transported from the scene in the back of a police vehicle.

During the first minute of the video, she can be heard saying, "Please, get me the f--- out of here," "What the f--- they got going on?" and "Get me out of here."

"Listen to Elton," an officer told her, putting Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" on the radio.

After the first minute of the video, Foote can be seen lowering her head forward.

She can then be heard trying to talk over Cheech & Chong's "Low Rider," though it's difficult to make out exactly what she's saying.

"Come get me out this s---," she says three times in the video.

You can watch the full video below. WARNING: There is strong and explicit language.

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