Man fatally shot in Highland Park's first homicide of 2019

A man was found shot to death Thursday morning inside a car on George Street in Highland Park.

ORIGINAL STORY: Man found fatally shot inside car on George Street in Highland Park

George Street is a desolate area with multiple vacant homes.

Abdul Aziz Muhammed is trying to make the best of his neighborhood. He puts up signs on vacant houses to deter crime and fills potholes on his street.

"You have to," Muhammed said. "These things affect you."

On Thursday, someone used his street to commit a murder. 

George Street is known as a dumping ground for stolen vehicles. A driver for Nationwide Towing had thought he found a stolen car Thursday morning. When he approached the vehicle, the engine was still running and a 23-year-old man who had been shot dead was behind the steering wheel.

There are no surveillance cameras and no neighbors where it took place. It's the first homicide in Highland Park in 2019. 

The man was identified as Natalian Ringo.

The investigation is ongoing.

Natalian Ringo (WDIV)