Neighbor describes scene of seaplane crash outside Independence Township home

Injuries of pilot and passenger minor

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INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A seaplane crashed in the front yard of a home Monday around 12:45 p.m. near Greenview Drive and Clarkston Road in Independence Township, deputies said.

"I heard the backfire pop and then crash noise," Marcia Frost said.  She immediately ran outside to a small seaplane in the middle of her neighbor's yard. She jumped right into action. 

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"Went and got my phone, called 911," Frost said.  

Frost started to give the operator a play-by-play of the scene. "They are climbing out now. I shouted to them, and they were fine, just as they got out, the plane went up in flames," Frost said.  

Frost showed Local 4 the cellphone video of the plane on fire. The video showed orange flames surrounding the plane. Both the pilot and passenger are fine.  

"The pilot, he had a good bruised up nose and his son came with some cuts and stuff but I'm amazed. I'm so thankful that they came out OK," Frost said. 

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