New Baltimore police issue alert after prowler spotted on home security camera

Man recorded walking on driveway, looking inside cars

New Baltimore police issued an alert after a prowler was spotted on a home security camera. 

"Without the cameras, we never would have known anybody was there, either," said Brian Stone. 

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Brian and Laura Stone now feel uneasy. Their security cameras recorded a man walking in their driveway and looking in their cars, but that's not it. 

"I couldn't sleep last night and I'm sitting up watching TV and someone is looking in my window," Laura Stone said.

She heard the cellphone alerts, but didn't think anything of them.

"When I heard it ping on my husband's phone, he was in bed. I thought it was my granddaughter coming home from work," she said.  

Seconds later, her husband showed her the video from his phone. "That was very scary," Brian Stone said. 

But not just for the Stones. It was also scary for their neighbors, including Rich Glaze.

"This is new. This is something I don't expect in New Baltimore," Glaze said. 

Now everyone, including their neighbor Jess Casper, is taking extra precautions. 

"You got to take a commonsense approach. Don't leave your car open. Don't leave expensive stuff inside your car," Casper said. 

"We're putting up new lighting so next time if he does come back, we'll have a better image of him," Stone said. 

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