Detroit police unable to contact valet who claims Judge Greg Mathis spit on him

Valet said he needed to talk to lawyer

Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Greg Mathis

DETROIT – Detroit police haven't been able to get in contact with a valet driver who claims Judge Greg Mathis spit on his face.

According to TMZ, Mathis is accused of spitting on a valet worker who took too long to bring his car to him outside a club on Saint Antoine Street in Downtown Detroit.

The valet was working Aug. 23 when someone accidentally took the keys to Mathis' Rolls Royce on another run, forcing him to wait about 40 minutes for it.

Mathis denies spitting on the employee but agrees he lashed out verbally at the valet. 

Police said the valet said he wanted to contact his lawyer to see if he should pursue the matter. Officers have tried to contact the man but have been unable to contact him, police said.

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