Man steals woman's credit card from purse at Utica restaurant, goes on spending spree

Credit card used to buy gift cards

Credit Card thief in Utica goes on shopping spree
Credit Card thief in Utica goes on shopping spree

UTICA, Mich. – A man went on a spending spree with a woman's credit card after snatching it from her wallet Friday at a Utica restaurant.

Security cameras caught the man reaching into a 62-year-old woman's purse multiple times before getting her wallet at the Black Rock Bar and Grill on Hall Road about 9 p.m.

Afterward, the victim started getting spending alerts on her phone. Someone spent $833 at a Target store down the street and $3,033 at a nearby Home Depot.

Police said the stolen card was used to buy gift cards that are flipped for cash.

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