Harper Woods woman fed up with raccoons invading rental home

HARPER WOODS, Mich. – Raccoons are invading a rental home and the people who live there are fed up with the situation.

Sharnabia and Chauncey Chisolm shared video of the raccoons inside the home on the kitchen counter right by the dish rack. The video was from Monday morning around 3 a.m.

"They're raccoons, disgusting animals, they're pests. They belong outside," Sharnabia Chisolm said.

The Chisolms said they're frustrated, but even more importantly, scared to live in their home. They have children. They said they feel like they're living like prisoners.

The family thought the raccoons were coming from outside, so they put moth balls on the ground, but that didn't work. The raccoons were already living inside the home.

They bought cages in order to get rid of the pests for good, but they said the more they try to get them out the bolder they get.

"Within the week, we seen two raccoons inside the house. One on the table and one on the kitchen counter," Sharnabia Chisolm said.

The family is ready to pack up and leave.

Local 4 reached out to the management company, Rockpoint Property Management.

"We are working with the tenant and our pest control to resolve this issue. We set a trap today, and we will go over there daily and check the trap. We take pride in our homes and don't want anyone to live like this," Michelle Fante, with the management company, said.

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